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Welcome to Binary Options, this site was created to try and help anyone make their entry into the world of Binary options online as smooth as possible. We have given below a few quick pointers to help beginners start on the easy road to Binary options. We have also included quick terms you will come across with all binary option broker sites. Most people will shy away from new trading sources, but if you are still reading then you are obviously ready or curious about joining in with others who are learning quickly how easy it is with this kind of trading to turn a quick profit. Our site is full of useful and easy to understand information to get you on your way to a profitable day. Read through the information here and quickly pick up on how the binary options world works. Don’t get stressed, it is so simple you will laugh and kick yourself for not finding us sooner and for not trading options online before today.

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If you are unsure of what a Binary option is, it is in simple terms an investment vehicle. Binary trading is so easy to learn and understand but you still have to find a broker with a variety of assets to choose from, giving you a larger chance of profit . You can purchase a contract that lasts a few minutes or a full day. The goal you or anyone involved in Binary option trading is looking for are to determine if your chosen asset will rise or fall in value. If you don’t choose the right call or put (terms below) then you stand to lose your investment. Binary Options are also known as all or nothing options you stand to win it all or lose it all depending on your knowledge of Binary options. We will help you understand in easy terms how the online trading world works and show you how easy it is to learn.

Binary Options: What are they?

Binary options can be described in two simple to understand ways:

  • One: Binary Options give you a chance to bet on speculation. It’s so easy to do all you need is to predict if a certain stock will go up or down in price, without actually purchasing the stock.
  • Two: Binary Options is like purchasing the stock temporarily with the prediction of the stock going up or down in price. All you need to determine is whether the stock will rise or fall in a short period of time

Basic Binary Option There are only three options in a Binary options trade, Call or Put or just not to trade at all on that asset.

  • Call: this is when you predict the stock will go up.
  • Put: this is when you predict the stock will go down.

An example of Binary option is:

You place your set money amount on your speculation of the stock you have chosen, your call or put choice and the time line of your chosen stock. For example your stock of choice, you bet it will go down 2 points in the next hour at a purchase cost of $10 this would mean you have bet on 2 shares making your total $20 and then sit back and wait to see if your call or put choice was correct.

With your trade, you need to keep a close watch on the behaviour of your preferred stock, then make your short term prediction on which way your stock will go. If you spend time and look into a stock before you trade, this will give you a better edge on your call or put choice.

Always keep in mind that if your prediction is bad then you chance loosing, but learning more about Binary options will help you make the right decisions on the stock you choose, the call or put and the time line for more of a chance of a win than a loss.

Binary Options are today’s easy way of trading

Binaries online have become one of the most popular and easy options to trade online. Binary options online have become popular with most beginner traders, due to its simplicity, but are eagerly traded with those traders having years of experience in investment banking due to its quick turnover.

Binary options have only three easy steps to each trade, so all you need to do is make sure you know the three steps and make three good choices. Make sure you learn the three steps below as they are important to you turning over a profit.

    Choosing a good broker is the first step in Binary options online With the right trader on your side, your Binary option assets are endless. The main online assets include, Forex options, stocks, commodities, currencies, and many financial markets worldwide. Choose from the best brokers underneath.

    Expiration Time limit. Your second step in Binary options online is determining the time you believe the binary option will expire. Binary options all differ in their expiration times ranging from one day, one week, or one hour. For this reason a Binary option gives traders more flexibility that other market traders do not poses.

    What direction the Binary option trade will go. Your third step in a Binary options online, is to determine in which direction it will go, will it move above or below? This makes Binary options different from other types of financial trading due to you only needing to choose the direction that you determine your underlying asset price will move. When you have completed the above three steps, you just need to determine the amount of money you wish to trade the binary option with, then wait for the binary option to expire. If you have made the right choices on the three steps above, then the rate of return should be 70% or above depending on the broker (the percentage of return differs with each broker).

    Due to the online fast and easy trading, it is becoming one of the largest online traders choice. There should be no reason for you not making a high return, that is if you take the time to pick the right asset, its trading direction, expiration time, and the right Binary options broker. Binary Option benefits: Of course the major benefits include instant results, easy trading, low risk, online binary trading with high profits, and the game like experience. Binary Option downsides: Like other markets, the binary option downsides include the loss of money due to insufficient preparation or research on assets you wish to use with Binary options. Just remember that Binary trading online is not a casino and if treated like one can cause you to gamble away money you didn’t want to lose. Just remember to always do your research and don’t rush into an asset on the thought of winning big on a hunch or dumb luck.

    Binary Options Risks:

     The risks in binary trading compared to other markets, are actually pretty low depending on your knowledge of the Binary options. Remember to do your homework and not treat Binary trading as gambling in a casino. Try to research or watch the asset you have your eye on as stock can go either way at any time.

    Choosing the right Broker:

    In any type of market, you want to make sure you choose a broker who is reliable, dependable and gives you the advice and service you need to stay in a winning position. The best broker you can have in Binary options is one with a good responsive customer support, a user friendly platform, flexibility in trading assets, and an easy to use website.

    Binary Options are not complicated:

    Simplicity is the advantage that Binary options bring to trading. You will find yourself either up money or down money depending on your Binary option awareness. It’s as easy as clicking a button on your chosen site. If you believe the stock will go down just select the down option and set your price. If you believe the stock will go up then select the up option and set your price. After picking your expiration time you can watch and wait to see if you have chosen the right call or put option and the right expiry time. With this explanation it doesn’t get much easier than that. Below we have provided the terms and meanings you will find while using the Binary brokers.

    Binary Option terms and Explanations:

    Asset: The Binary option resource such as index, currency, commodities, or stock. In easy terms this is the stock you will be trading upon. At the money: This term is used when an option is currently trading at the exact target price. Binary or Digital Options: these are options that give a fixed payout or fixed loss to you at the point of purchase. Call: When you believe your Binary option choice will go higher in a fixed time. The call option gives you the right to buy your asset at a fixed price for a fixed period of time. If your asset price goes up then your call option is in the money, but if it goes down your call option is then considered in the out of the money category. Put: When you believe your Binary option choice will go lower at the fixed time. The put option gives you the right to sell your asset at a fixed price for a fixed period of time. If your asset price goes down, they your put option is in the money, but if it goes up your put option is then considered in the out of money category. Current Rate: This is the underlying asset’s current price. Expiry Rate: This is the price your asset is at upon the option contract expiry. This rate also tells whether your option is in the money, out of the money or at the money. Expiry Date and Time: This is your chosen Binary options asset expiry date and time. Investment Amount: This is also known as your stake or in Binary option terms, the money you have invested in either a call or put option. In The Money: This is the term used when your Binary option you chose is profitable. Option: Just as is sounds, you have the option to buy (call) or sell (put) on the asset of choice at an agreed price (otherwise known as the strike price) within a set time period or on a specified date. Payout: This is obviously your profit earned when your Binary option expires in the money (profit). With many Binary options, the payout is usually between 70%-80% depending on the broker. Strike or Exercise Price: This is the price level in the market that an option can be exercised. For a call or put option this means the level you entered the market at, but for a touch option this is the level that your asset value must reach to be considered in the money. Touch or One Touch Option: this is when your Binary option asset touches or surpasses the predetermined level during the Options contract time. We hope that our site will be helpful in helping you find the right broker for Binary options, and will make your journey into the world of trading Binary options online trading an easy move. Read through our easy to read strategies and tips on making Binary work for you, and we are sure you will be smiling when you make your first profit. The first step is obviously finding the write site for you, but you should make sure you know what you are doing first and research assets available and watch how their trading fluctuates in minutes.

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